Focus Track: Developing Solar on Urban Brownfields

13 Jun 2017
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Focus Track: Developing Solar on Urban Brownfields

A discussion of the issues and a working case study on the topic of developing solar on smaller urban brownfields.

Urban areas often have a multitude of small brownfields. These are often perfect locations for renewable energy as they are so close to power connections and businesses, but they can be very difficult to develop because of the number of stakeholders involved and the costs of developing on smaller sites.  This track will outline the major barriers to developing in urban areas and discuss progress in this area across the country and throughout the US.

The second half of this presentation will feature a charrette (working case study) where participants will take active roles in a fictitious urban brownfield development project. There will be common obstacles along the way that will force the team to work together to adapt and change the project for ultimate success.

John Kinch, Ph.D., Executive Director Michigan Energy Options will guide this interactive and lively discussion about brownfield solar in inner-cities.