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Day One

General Session

Current World Trends featuring Dan French

Landfill/Brownfield Site Owners Track

Is Your Brownfield Right for a Brightfield? featuring Adam Klinger
Structuring a Solar Development featuring Jack Honor
From Idea to Reality: Let’s Hear From Municipalities featuring Dan French, Harvey Sheldon and Tom Barrasso
Economic Feasibility: Understanding the Financial Viability of Projects featuring Scott Simpson
How to be Prepared to Promote Solar: Local Permitting and Code Issues featuring Doug Kilmer
Brownfield Grants featuring Margaret Renas

Renewable Energy Developers Track

Brownfields 101 featuring Tom Barrasso
The New Illinois Energy Bill and What It Means for Solar Development featuring Anthony Star
Due Diligence and CERLA Liability: Process and Pitfalls of Phase I ESAs and AAI featuring Michael Butler and Matt Cohn
Risk Mitigation Strategies for Successfully Acquiring and Developing Contaminated Properties featuring Bryan Keyt

Day Two

Landfill/Brownfield Site Owners Track

All About Land Leases and Power Purchase Agreements featuring Jim Pryde
Design Process of a Solar Project on a Landfill/Brownfield featuring Eric Oetjen and John England
Help! My Developer Disappeared featuring Paul Curran and Jay Steffen
Understanding the Importance of National and State Policy featuring Adam Zellner
On to the Future: Community Solar, Storage and Microgrids featuring Tim Montague, Brian Haug, Marc Thrum and Justin Hardt

Renewable Energy Developers Track

State Policies That Affect Brightfield Development featuring Adam Klinger, Tom Potter, Lisa Albrecht, Chad Farrell, Julie Baldwin and Adam Zellner

PURPA: A National Policy and Its Impact on State Renewable Energy Development featuring Julie Baldwin and Sam Lines
Critical Considerations for Landfill and Capped Brownfield Sites featuring Dave Andrews and Lizzy Aldridge
Brownfield Grants featuring Margaret Renas
Permitting & Planning: Identifying Crucial Issues Before Choosing to Develop featuring Tim Gehring and Ginny Plumeau

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Partial Site Map

18,250+ Acres, 275+ Sites…

At the 2017 Chicago conference, we had great mix of sites throughout the Midwest, Northeast and beyond. The map below shows a sampling of sites represented.

Sample Site Map